Investment Management

Every investment plan begins with a conversation about goals, risk preferences and investment history. It is critical that the overall allocation and specific investments selected fit the unique circumstances of each client’s financial plan. Our portfolios are built with a common-sense approach that keep costs low and focuses on maximizing after tax returns. Most strategies are built with a mix of mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and individual securities. More importantly, we have no internal or proprietary investments which can lead to conflicts of interest and additional expenses.

Our investment beliefs are:

  • Public equities offer the greatest return for investors over the long run
  • Factors such as valuation, profitability and size tend to predict outperformance
  • Market timing does not work
  • Diversification adds value
  • Reducing fees and taxes improves investment results
  • Educating our clients is critical to achieving long term success

Financial Planning

Broad based financial planning is the heart of our service model. This process begins by identifying what our clients are trying to achieve with the wealth they have created. As we identify these goals, we begin to build a plan that incorporates investments, insurance, future cash flows and expenses, and so on. Once all these variables are accounted for, we use Monte Carlo simulations to predict a reasonable likelihood of success and make recommendations to improve specific scenarios.

Planning looks different at different phases in one’s life, and there is no cookie-cutter approach that can be applied to all. Retirement income planning may be very important for someone nearing the end of their career, the transfer of generational wealth may be more important to a business owner preparing for a liquidity event. Whatever the focus may be, planning is an ongoing task that requires expertise and a proactive approach.

Tax Analysis & Strategy

Our firm’s origin began with a CPA practice and our team members have a deep understanding of tax implications. Our work varies based on each client’s individual needs and ongoing changes to tax law add further complexity. We find that many individuals are simply unaware of the strategies available to save money on taxes. These include items such as proactive tax loss selling, efficient charitable gifting, use of trusts and other entities to pass on generational wealth, etc. We have CPAs on staff and work closely with many of our clients’ CPAs and estate planning attorneys. We are proactive in suggesting steps to increase tax efficiency, not just within investment strategies, but across our clients’ entire financial picture.

Family Office Services

Certain clients request detailed services beyond the scope of standard financial planning and tax analysis. These services are typically specific to business owners and executives or are associated with the complexities of broader family financial affairs. In any case, these are customized services where we think our expertise can add value.

Examples of these services include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial reporting across multiple assets and/or business ventures
  • Bill-pay services
  • Asset sale/purchase consulting and negotiation
  • Business consulting
  • Philanthropic planning