The Watchman Group Wins Top Wealth Managers for 2023

Exciting News!

The Watchman Group is thrilled to announce that we were named one of the “2023 Top Wealth Management Firms and Teams” in North Texas.

We are proud to be recognized among the best in the industry, a testament to our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

As we celebrate this achievement, we’d like to express gratitude to our dedicated team and, most importantly, to our incredible clients who trust us with their financial goals.

Thank you to those who have supported The Watchman Group family.

About The Watchman Group

In 2004, The Watchman Group was born out of a recognition that the financial advisory industry had a blind spot. Most advisors were solely fixated on accumulating assets, often missing out on the significant impact that effective tax strategies can have on their clients’ wealth. We set out to change that paradigm.

At the core of our service model is a commitment to thorough financial planning. We start our engagement by delving deep into our clients’ long-term financial aspirations. Armed with a clear understanding of these objectives, we craft a tailored financial plan that covers all bases, from investments and desired cash flows to expenses and charitable goals. But we don’t stop there; we analyze and evaluate the plan’s potential for success, enabling us to fine-tune specific enhancements for different scenarios.

Built upon our origins as a CPA practice, our company showcases a team that deeply understands the complexities of tax. Adapting to each client’s unique needs is central to our approach, made even more complex by the ever-evolving tax landscape. What we’ve observed is that many individuals aren’t proactively considering tax strategies. These can range from tax loss selling to efficiently structuring charitable donations, tactical Roth IRA conversions, and utilizing trusts for intergenerational wealth transfer. With the support of our in-house CPAs, we work closely with our clients’ CPAs and estate planning attorneys, actively suggesting ways to optimize tax efficiency. This extends beyond mere investment strategies; it encompasses their entire financial landscape.

Following fiduciary principles, we uphold the highest standards of trust and careful management when handling your assets. Importantly, all our revenue comes directly from our clients. We don’t offer internal products that carry extra expenses, and we also don’t take commissions or share fees with others. What makes us proud is being an independent, unbiased wealth manager—our focus is solely on supporting the best interests of our clients.


D Magazine asked every wealth management firm and team in the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the Financial Planning Association, Chartered Financial Analyst Institute, and the Investments and Wealth Institute to tell them about their firms’ practices. The final list was selected based on these criteria: top firms or teams must have total assets under management for individual clients of at least $100 million; average assets under management per client of at least $1 million; a 95 percent client-retention rate over the last two years; and no current disciplinary actions. Additionally, all firms (or teams, should the team apply as an entity separate from its parent company) must have been in existence for at least five years as of the application deadline (June 5, 2023). They must also hold themselves out as fiduciaries for their clients and provide them with a written disclosure. A panel of esteemed local wealth managers reviewed the final list. All numbers are current as of the application deadline. Out of the 63 that applied, 42 firms and teams were selected.

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